As of 2015, free sound effects are available online at, and All three websites offer royalty-free downloads, some of which require attribution and some that are in the p... More » Hobbies & Games Playing Music

Free bird sounds are available for download on and offers thousands of free sound effects and clips that are copyright-free, and it features a wide variety of bird sounds, ... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Downlowd compilations of Windows XP system sounds from YouTube. Audio from the Windows XP startup sequence, setup guide and media player is also available. YouTube videos are available as audio files through services suc... More » Technology Software
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A sound effects library contains a wide selection of sound effects that filmmakers, video game developers and musicians can use in their creations. BBC Complete Sound Effects Library and FreeSound are two examples. More » Technology Audio Equipment

There are numerous online libraries of sound effects, including, and As of 2015, all of these websites allow users to download sound effects as MP3 files. has... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some DJ sound effects include record static, temple bells, button click off and button click on, auditorium applause, pen clicking, dirty record skipping, and glass cookie jar from SoundBible. Free DJ sound effects and s... More » Art & Literature

Good car sound effects include sounds of cars idling, honking, squeaking, coming to a sudden stop, or burning tires on a start. The audio depictions of car collisions occurring at various speeds are also sound effects th... More » Technology Audio Equipment