There is no way for individual citizens to check the citizenship status of a particular Social Security number, but there are free ways to check the owner's work authorization. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services o... More »

The only way to legally search for and obtain someone's Social Security number is with that person's written consent. Social Security numbers are protected by law under the Freedom of Information Act. Businesses have acc... More »

If a Social Security payment is late or missing, individuals may call the Social Security local office, states the Social Security Disability and SSI Resource Center. Another option is to call the toll-free phone number,... More »

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Social Security is a federal program, so it works in the same way no matter the state in which a person resides. In Tennessee, residents can visit the Social Security website to check their Social Security statement. More »

A Social Security number is a unique sequence of digits that tracks government benefits, employment records and financial information of American citizens with different parts of an SSN denoting three separate facets of ... More »

The E-Verify program compares the information from an applicant’s I-9 form, including his Social Security number, to a government database to verify that he is eligible for employment. To use the program, the employee an... More »

You can find out the status of your Social Security benefits by creating a My Social Security account at, reports the Social Security Administration. Alternatively, you can go to a Social Security office in perso... More »