Science fair projects are listed on Science Buddies, and Discovery Education. These sites offer numerous free science projects that users can search to find the best option for a particular field of interes... More » Education K-12

Some good science fair projects for elementary school students include making three-dimensional models of the sun and do-it-yourself hovercrafts. For middle school students, exploring fluorescence may a good option. For ... More » Education Homework Help

A science fair project, which is generally composed of a display unit, exhibit materials and a written report, is the result of a student’s thorough investigation into a scientific area of interest. Students present a co... More » Education Homework Help
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Examples of science fair projects can be found on Science Buddies, and Discovery Education. These sites feature numerous projects on multiple science themes, such as chemistry, life science and biology. More » Education K-12

Great ideas for a sixth-grade science fair projects are found on websites for companies such as Education, Terimore and Science Buddies. These sites provide sample projects and step-by-step instructions for simple scienc... More » Education K-12

Science Buddies is a non-profit organization with a goal to provide students of all ages up to high school level with easy access to free ideas for science projects and learning materials to help them understand contempo... More » Education K-12

Some good science projects for kids are Make Your Own Lightning, Blindfolded Taste Test, Paper Bridge for Pennies, Extracting Onion DNA, The Chemistry of Hair Highlights and Digital Voice Analysis, according to Science B... More » Education K-12