To write a contingency plan, make a list of the things that could go wrong in your business, from payroll problems to economic recessions. Rank the list in order of priority, starting with the most likely scenarios. For ... More »

Document Templates and Tidy Forms provide free sample action plans on their respective websites. The sample templates are downloadable and come in PDF or DOC format. More » Business & Finance Business Resources and offer free marketing plan samples and templates. View marketing plans for a specific position and break down the plan into its appropriate sections. More »

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A crisis management plan for a business should include a list of key contact information, the action to take in a crisis, and forms that personnel should use to document the crisis response, according to the Institute fo... More »

Tips for creating a business plan for a dance studio include conducting a thorough analysis of other studios in the area to identify market competition, outlining specific pricing plans and models as part of revenue proj... More »

Prepare a business plan for a laundromat by creating an executive statement that explains the purpose and goals of the business, conducting research on other laundromats in the area to understand market competition and c... More »

An implementation plan is a comprehensive list of expenses, objectives, problems and itineraries needed to fulfill the primary business plan goals. Implementation plans require a great deal of preparation and research be... More »