Sample eulogies can be found online at sites such as The site offers simple examples written by a funeral director in generic terms that can be personalized, and also includes eulogy guidance, phrases ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A sample for a funeral resolution can be found online on websites, such as Church Funeral Resolution and They also provide useful information on writing funeral resolutions. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some options for secular eulogy examples are and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. These organizations offer secular, atheist and Humanist eulogy examples, funeral poetry and readings, as wel... More » World View Religion
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A graveside funeral service example can be found online at Other examples of graveside funeral services can also be found at websites such as and More » Holidays & Celebrations

Examples of beautiful eulogies offer specific and vivid memories of the deceased person's greatest qualities. Eulogies tend to be more personal than obituaries, and summarize what the deceased meant to the eulogizer. The... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some good websites for finding memorial poems that honor lost loves ones are Elegant Memorials, Funeral Helper and Family Friend Poems. Most of these poems are completely free to use for any obituary because they have pu... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A eulogy is intended to be more personal than an obituary, and summarizes what the deceased person meant to the speaker. Good eulogies offer vivid, specific memories and examples of the deceased person's best qualities. More » Holidays & Celebrations