Most spell checkers check for punctuation errors in addition to spelling errors. Word processing software, such as Word and Pages, have built-in spelling and grammar check tools that also check punctuation. Free software... More » Technology Software

There are numerous free online punctuation checkers available, some of which include,, and These free online punctuation checkers evaluate a piece of text for s... More » Education Writing

Three major websites help users to check punctuation and grammar:, and All three programs have edit boxes where users enter sentences and the program analyzes punctuation... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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The top-rated English language spell checkers that have earned four to five stars, according to CNET online editors' ratings, are Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker, ieSpell and tinySpell. Free and secure downloads are ava... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Word offers users the ability to check for punctuation errors when creating documents. The program can detect errors when the user selects the appropriate grammar settings to personalize the program to his spec... More » Technology Software

The text-editing program WordPad does not have a built-in spell check functionality. The functionality of WordPad includes font choices as well as graphic styling. Content made on WordPad can also add links to both an of... More » Technology Software

An English word spell-check application is used to help minimize spelling and typing errors when writing an email, a paper or essay, an article or any other document on a computer. The application checks every typed word... More » Technology Software