A good way to find product key codes is by using Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder software or the Mac Product Keyfinder. New Windows 8 PCs have their product keys stored in the UEFI firmware or BIOS, so the product key gets ... More » Technology Software

Because Microsoft offers OneNote as a part of its Office suite, it is not possible to find a product key for OneNote only. Likewise, Office is a licensed product and requires subscription. However, a free version of OneN... More » Technology Mobile

Because the exact location of a product key depends on the individual product, users must check different locations. Some of the possibilities are: the back or inside of the disc box, on the bottom of a laptop, within th... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help
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Microsoft provides official instructions for finding product key codes and methods for verifying the authenticity of packaged software on the "How to Tell" section of the official website. Microsoft key cod... More » Technology Software

A product key list is an accumulation of unique codes required to install software. These codes, usually alphanumeric codes of various lengths, are required to download or use specific programs or software features. More » Technology Software

In order to do renew a Norton 360 product key, a person must register the software on the website. All Norton products, including Norton 360, which is now Norton Security, can be renewed online at the Norton website with... More » Technology Software

Installing Microsoft Office 365 requires that the user purchase the software, enter the product key and configure settings during installation, a simple process that takes only minutes. Once installation is complete, use... More » Technology Software