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Just in time for Halloween -- fun pumpkin carving stencils! Our free pumpkin stencils feature designs you'll love, from pumpkin faces to dog breed designs to printable templates of favorite Halloween icons. Plus, beginners can learn pumpkin carving basics. Use our pumpkin patterns to create cute -- or creepy -- pumpkin designs. To carve them, simply log in at BHG.com (or register -- it's f...


Our pumpkin carving patterns can make anyone an amazing pumpkin carving artist. Simply find a pattern you like, print it off, follow our simple instructions, and you'll be the hit of your town. Search through our hundreds of FREE pumpkin patterns, with many just added for Halloween in 2018, and start carving today! With many different ...


These free pumpkin carving stencils, patterns, and templates will allow you to create a unique jack o' lantern that will put your neighbors and trick-or-treaters in awe. They're also extremely easy to use, so you can create something awesome even if you're a beginner.


To use this pumpkin template, open the PDF pattern and print. Size the carving pattern on a copier if needed. Tape the design to your pumpkin and poke the outline of the pattern with a pin before carving. Use these directions for all stenciling. To gain access to the dozens of fun patterns, simply log in at BHG.com (or register—it's free).


The printable pumpkin carving patterns are easy to download and don’t cost a thing! These fun and easy pumpkin carving patterns are great for creating luminaries to light up your walkway or porch. Try something spooky with the Scary Ghost downloadable pumpkin carving pattern. Add another pumpkin with our Bold “Boo” template for a fun pair.


I make patterns for many of the pumpkins I carve. At this point I have over 50 free, printable pumpkin carving patterns and stencils below. Feel free to use these patterns for your own pumpkin carving, including printing vast stacks for your pumpkin carving parties!


Our free pumpkin carving stencils are full of ideas for Halloween jack-o'-lanterns. From emoticon stencils to eerie face templates, print designs for all.


Also See: Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Halloween Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns. Pumpkin Carving Pattern Free Printable – Each and every year on this October feast carved Pumpkins peer out from doorsteps and porches in the states and also other parts of the world.These Gourd-like orange fruits with ghoulish faces which are illuminated by candles are a symbol of Halloween Season.


15 TV and Movie Themed Pumpkin Carving Patterns; 15 Artistic Pumpkin Carving Patterns; Just writing about these makes me want to go out and start carving today! Peruse through this list of ideas and pick one, or MORE, of these amazing pumpkin carving patterns to use this Halloween. All of the stencils are FREE and honestly, so helpful.


The Halloween experts at HGTV.com share 41 exclusive printable patterns for pumpkin-carving templates, party decorations, crafts and more.