When selling a vehicle most sellers utilize a bill of sale form to record information about the transaction, and if a seller lives in a state that does not supply its own required bill of sale form then free, printable f... More »

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Free printable living will forms are found at Rocketlawyer.com. People choose forms that are written in accordance to their state laws. Users fill in the necessary information to create the living will, download, and pri... More »

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Free printable power of attorney forms are documents that, when filed, allow an individual to authorize another adult to manage her finances or make decisions about her health, according to Tidy Form. Tidy Form and other... More »

When owners swap cars in private transactions, the buyer and the seller of each vehicle should contact the department of motor vehicles in the state where each car is registered. The owners should go to the state-specifi... More »

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To offer a car on eBay, the seller must gather information about the vehicle, create a listing, monitor the process, and then close the deal by arranging for payment and delivery, according to the company's website. EBay... More »

eBay Motors requires sellers to include a photo in a listing to give all potential buyers as much information as possible because they are not able to physically assess the vehicle. eBay recommends using as many photos a... More »

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A bill of sale includes information about the vehicle, seller and buyer, as well as the price of the vehicle. Not all states require a bill of sale, and the sale is not final until the title transfer is complete. More »

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