The website satisfies all calendar-related needs, including free printable calendars. The website has both monthly and yearly printable calendars for any year between 1800 and 3000, as well as the option... More » Science Time & Calendars

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which counts years infinitely, the traditional Chinese calendar is lunisolar and rotates on a 60-year cycle. This means that the years on a Chinese calendar don't ascend in chronological or... More » Science Time & Calendars

Though a popular misconception held that the Mayan calendar ended with the destruction of everything in existence, the end of the calendar was simply the end of an era, after which the calendar would reset. Some people b... More » Science Time & Calendars
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Ancient Egypt refers to a long period of time in history, but there is evidence that Egyptian society once used a lunar calendar before switching to a solar 365-day calendar. They eventually used the stars to predict imp... More » Science Time & Calendars

The Chinese pregnancy calendar, also referred to as the Chinese gender chart, allegedly predicts the gender of a baby based on the mother's lunar age and the month of the baby's conception. To use the chart, the expectin... More » Science Time & Calendars

The year 2014 in the Gregorian calendar was the year of the yang wood horse in the Chinese calendar. This marked it as a year of tumult and high energy, according to experts in Chinese astrology. More » Science Time & Calendars

The Aztec calendar is a visual representation of how the culture measured time. The Aztec calendar stone is a decorative representation of the calendar as well as a memorial to ritual deities. More » Science Time & Calendars