Free printable preschool worksheets cover a range of concepts that prepare a child for kindergarten, including counting and writing practice, simple patterns, shapes, money and phonics, as well as coloring pages, activit... More » Education K-12

Printable worksheets for children are readily available online and can be found on education websites and blogs featuring educational material for children. Printable worksheets are often free, can be downloaded and prin... More » Education K-12

Download printable math worksheets from sites such as,,, and, as of 2015. Each site includes different sheets that focus on the various grades ... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum
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Coloring Castle offers coloring pages designed to help children master basic skills such as writing, recognizing shapes and telling time along with a variety of themed pages to color just for fun. All of the pages on the... More » Education K-12

According to Working Moms, a preschool is defined as any school experience provided to children who are too young to attend kindergarten. Children who attend preschool typically start between two and three year... More » Education K-12

Kidzone, Tlsbooks and School Sparks are three websites that offer tracing printables for free, and they're designed for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Many tracing printables are designed to help kids learn to write... More » Education K-12

Applicants must submit an application, pay fees, and satisfy child abuse and criminal background checks for state governments. A degree, or credits in the education field, is required before establishing a preschool. A b... More » Education K-12