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Some ideas for free presentation templates include holiday templates that feature festive, thematic colors and bold typeface. Other free presentation template ideas are more modern in their presentation and use vibrant colors at skilfully placed points to accentuate the text and imagery.


PowerPoint presentations can be stored on cloud computing networks, such as Microsoft's OneDrive. Users must log on to their Microsoft accounts prior to saving PowerPoint documents in OneDrive.


Download free PowerPoint templates on Templates.Office.com and Free-Power-Point-Templates.com, as of 2015. Free-Power-Point-Templates.com features templates for presentations including Halloween and business options. Templates.Office.com also features free, downloadable PowerPoint Themes.


Read Only, IP Law Firm and Art Director Portfolio are some useful free website templates that are available online as of 2015. These and more free website templates are available on Wix.com, FreeWebTemplates.com and OpenDesigns.org.


Free-Power-Point-Templates.com and BrainyBetty.com offer free PowerPoint templates for educators. Brainy Betty offers video introductions, background music and flash animations for PowerPoint presentations in addition to background templates.


Accounting websites such as SME Toolkit, Double Entry Bookkeeping and Business Accounting Basics offer free downloadable templates for basic accounting schedules, such as balance sheets, income statements and account ledgers. SME Toolkit's selection of accounting templates includes a trial balance,


Google templates are available to users free of charge according to Google’s Terms of Service agreement as of March 2015. The Google Docs template gallery offers many different types of templates, such as forms, drawings and presentations.


Sources for free Christian PowerPoint templates include ChristianPPT.com, SlideTeam.net, eBibileTeacher.com and Free-Power-Point-Templates.com, as of 2015. Each site includes a variety of themes and styles for use in different situations along with thumbnail previews of background images and other r


One way to get free Excel templates is to download them from the Excel templates Web page of the website Vertex42.com. Another website that offers free Excel templates is Spreadsheet123.


A collection of free business plan templates from various sources is available on BusinessNewsDaily.com. A more in-depth template that explains the importance of different parts of the business plan is available from Forbes.com.