Free police reports are reports that are public record and can be accessed at no cost, notes GOV Records. This record specifies if a person has committed any crimes at the local, state or federal level, says More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

The fee for obtaining police reports varies from state to state, although these documents are typically free for the complainants and victims of the related crime or violation. Requests for police reports are usually fil... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Free police reports are only available to crime victims through some police departments, such as the New York City Police Department. Usually, copies of these reports are only accessible to third parties at a nominal fee... More »

Many county and city police departments make their reports available online for viewing or download on the department website. These reports usually cover all traffic accidents or crime reported within the jurisdiction o... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Some police departments, such as the Beaverton Police Department in Oregon, provide a list of police reports about several apartment complexes in the area, the department's website states. Users can view crime reports fr... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Some municipalities offer police blotter and call log information online, but to view and obtain police reports, it is typically necessary to request a copy and pay a fee to the department, notes the City of Boulder and ... More »

Individuals in some municipalities can file online police reports under certain circumstances. In the District of Columbia, for example, a Citizens Online Reporting Tool allows citizens to file reports with the Metropoli... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement