Some good websites for finding memorial poems that honor lost loves ones are Elegant Memorials, Funeral Helper and Family Friend Poems. Most of these poems are completely free to use for any obituary because they have pu... More » Holidays & Celebrations

To write an "In loving memory" poem, read examples of others and collect memorial verses that relate to the deceased. Use this material to write drafts of the poem. More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

The Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) is one of the most active organizations that encourage people to plant a tree in celebration of life, creating a memorial in honor of their loved ones. The foundation allows the family memb... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Poems that honor the deceased by celebrating his life and positive traits are suitable for mourners to read at a funeral. Mourners can use poetry as a way to describe their personal relationship to the deceased and to sh... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Recent obituaries published in the last few weeks are typically available on the website for the local newspaper in which they were published. Older, archived obituaries may be available on websites, such as a... More » Holidays & Celebrations

"In Memory of a Child" by Vachel Lindsey, “Sylvia's Death” by Anne Sexton and “In Memory of M.B.” by Anna Akhmatova are famous poems written in memory of loved ones. Memorial poems express a wide range of styles and mood... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Sample eulogies can be found online at sites such as The site offers simple examples written by a funeral director in generic terms that can be personalized, and also includes eulogy guidance, phrases ... More » Holidays & Celebrations