To create a podcast, choose a topic that interests you, gather the right equipment, set up and record the audio file, and post it to a hosting site. Creating a podcast is a fun endeavor, but if you do not follow the nece... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some popular free podcast downloads are "This American Life," "Radiolab" and "WTF with Marc Maron" as of 2015. Because of the rising popularity of podcasts, there are a wide variety that are available to download for fre... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, and are two websites that offer free podcasts of audio books. Whereas focuses on serialized fiction books,'s podcasts primarily provide educatio... More » Art & Literature
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To upload a GIF file, first open an image hosting website in your browser. After you do that, you can upload the GIF file via the website's image-uploading interface. More » Technology Internet & Networking

A webmaster, blogger or content producer can take advantage of pay-per-click advertisers by hosting their ads on a website, blog or video hosting site they control. The advertiser offers either a flat rate, or bids for s... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Creating a blog site can be accomplished by finding a hosting site for the blog, developing a template that works for the content’s theme, and then creating content for the blog. Once the blog site is created, maintainin... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Web hosting services generally offer free site builders and templates for hosted domains. For example, hosting services 1and1 and GoDaddy both offer site builders with templates. WordPress and Blogger both have themes av... More » Technology Internet & Networking