Some popular free podcast downloads are "This American Life," "Radiolab" and "WTF with Marc Maron" as of 2015. Because of the rising popularity of podcasts, there are a wide variety that are available to download for fre... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, and are two websites that offer free podcasts of audio books. Whereas focuses on serialized fiction books,'s podcasts primarily provide educatio... More » Art & Literature

Free podcasts of Joseph Princeメs Destined To Reign program are available through RSS feed readers and by downloading them through iTunes, according to Free Joseph Prince podcasts are available by direct... More » Art & Literature
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While heading to work, some of the most well-regarded podcasts to listen to are "This American Life," "Stuff You Should Know,""Radiolab" and "Stuff You Missed in History Class." "This American Life" alone has 2.2 million... More » Art & Literature

Some free, legal methods to stream music online include Google Play Music and Spotify. Both services allow users to listen to large selections of music in a variety of genres. More » Art & Literature

While "free legal movie downloads" might seem like an oxymoron, there are a few sites that offer free and legal streaming and downloads, according to Money Talks News. Both and Popcornflix offer str... More » Art & Literature provides various Bon Jovi wallpapers, with the most popular downloads noted on the webpage. Next to the wallpaper images, a download icon is displayed with a number showing how many times the image has ... More » Art & Literature