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Some tips for taking better photographs of nature include being prepared for any situation, having a deep understanding of the available camera equipment, being patient and performing many tests. Nature photographs are dynamic, so it can be difficult to capture a great ...


Store pictures for free using photo storage sites or cloud storage sites. Both services offer a limited amount of free space where photos can be uploaded and stored.


Some free picture libraries are FreeDigitalPhotos.net, FreeImages.net, Pixabay.com and FreePhotosBank.com. Users can also use Flickr images for free, as long as the image has a Creative Commons license.


Both Morguefile and Pixaby offer free stock photos, many of which don't require any attribution at all. Flickr's Creative Commons section is also an excellent resource for anyone searching for royalty-free photos, whether for commercial or personal use.


Some places that offer free coloring pages to download and print include the RoseArt, Crayola and Educational Coloring Pages websites. Some pages on these sites are designed to help children learn concepts like numbers and the alphabet while other pages are purely for e...


Free landscaping pictures can be found on sites such as HouseLogic (associated with the National Association of Realtors), Architectural Digest and Houzz.com. These sites all offer free landscaping slideshows and information about how to design the perfect backyard spac...


Pixabay.com and search.creativecommons.org are two sources of candy images as of 2015 that are free of cost and can be used freely. If you want to use an image for a public or commercial purpose, always check the image's licensing restrictions and copyright information ...