Free English writing courses are available through a number of sources, including, MIT, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Purdue University. As of 2015, most of these courses do not offer college or sc... More » Education

Good creative writing courses include Creative Writing 101, Write Your Novel Now, and any of the online courses in writing fiction offered through or Tuition prices range from about $50 to $4... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

As of 2015, all courses the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Emergency Management Institute offers through its Independent Study program are free of charge. There are roughly 200 courses in this program, covering to... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations
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Free English grammar resources are found online on several websites. Such websites include and Free downloadable programs for grammar also exist, such as Grammarly. More » Education

Web users can find free online courses in Spanish at Other websites with free Spanish lessons are DuoLingo, Babbel, LingosMio and Fluencia. Free online courses are non-credited, meaning they do not apply towar... More » Education

The lengths of free English courses vary depending on the structure, content and method of delivery of each course. Free English classes held at the New York Public Library are held for four hours a week for 10 weeks. On... More » Education

Free basic English courses aimed at English speakers are found online at and Courses that are aimed specifically at Spanish speakers are found at More » Education