"A Virtual Horse" and "Virtual Horse Ranch" are virtual horse games. "A Virtual Horse" is a fun online game that lets the player take care of her horses. The player learns how to build a ranch, feed her horses, and play ... More »

“Virtual Farm” and “Baby Hazel Tomato Farming” are free online farming games from “Fiona’s Farm Center,” “My Horse Farm,” “Harvest Machine” are online farming games available at More »

Some free online virtual games on include "Virtual Villagers 2: Lost Children," "Virtual Champions League" and "Virtual Police 2." Some free virtual games from are "Rooms of Mystery," ... More »

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Two examples of online virtual life games are "Club Cooee" and "Second Life." Both of these games offer 3-D chat communities to players, with "Club Cooee" catering more towards teenagers. More »

Beast Keeper and Egg Cave allow users to adopt virtual pets, including dragons, as of 2015. Because both are browser games, players do not need to install any applications to play them. Both games have fairly active user... More »

There are over half a billion people worldwide who play videos games at least one hour each day, according to game designer and TED Talk lecturer Jane McGonigal. Of this amount, 183 million live in the USA. More »

Two-player Mario games include "Mario Kart 8" and "Mario Party 10." Both games are available on the Nintendo Wii U system and support between two and four players. As of 2015, each was the latest game in its respective s... More »