Some websites offer free chat room services; however, others charge fees for chat room services. It is a good idea to compare the various features offered by paid and non-paid chat rooms before choosing one or the other. More » Technology Social Media

A selection of no-charge, all-ages video chat rooms are available at 321Chat. The family-friendly, chat-oriented website offers separate video chat areas for youngsters and adult chat room participants. More » Technology Social Media

Some of the top online chat room websites are, and Other popular chat room sites are and Some of these chat rooms are webcam-enabled to al... More » Technology Social Media
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Some online chat rooms for college students include Date My School, Campus Hook, University Love Connection, Student Love and College Passions. These Web-based services provide a venue for college students to communicate... More » Technology Social Media

Some popular chat bot services are Pandorabots, Nina Web by Nuance, and Hubot and Lita by Github. The popularity of chat bot services that can be used for customer service and such tasks online is on the rise, and option... More » Technology Social Media

There are a number of sites where users can find a Goth chat room. Goth Underground and Goth Chat City are just two websites where Goth girls and boys can find people to talk to and share hobbies and interests. More » Technology Social Media

Most chat rooms discourage online flirting because the chat room is accessible by people of all ages and requires the content to be age-appropriate. As of 2015, over half of children ages 11 to 12 and three-quarters of c... More » Technology Social Media