The National Council Licensure Examination for licensed practical nurses, or NCLEX-PN, is a difficult examination that only 83.04 percent of first-time test takers passed in 2013, according to Kaplan University. This was... More »

Kaptest, Brilliant Nurse, and all offer free National Council Licensure Examination practice tests online. Khan Academy also offers a selection of questions covering the topics of the NCLEX-RN exam. More »

Tutoring agencies offering preparation courses for the NCLEX-PN, such as Kaplan, Inc., often provide free practice exams to potential students. Sample exam questions are also available at, Nurseslabs.c... More »

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The National Council Licensure Examinations for registered nurses and for practical nurses are scheduled within 30 days after a first-time candidate's request for an appointment, while repeat test takers are scheduled wi... More »

Some sample questions from the NCLEX-PN exam ask about members of the health care team and their main functions; the recommended daily caloric intake for sedentary older men, active women and children; and symptoms of il... More »

NCLEX-PN 3000 practice tests are available as of 2015 at and The former website offers an NCLEX style sample test as well as a pre-test, useful in identifying strengths and weaknesses. M... More »

Find NCLEX-PN review questions and study guides at Quizlet. Study Guide Zone offers a series of practice questions and downloadable study guides. The NCSBN offers online flash card session. More »