"A variety of retailers sell nativity scene patterns, including Amazon, Doc Holidays and Doug's Woodcrafts More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

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Hand applique quilt patterns can be found online for free, purchased online or found in applique quilt pattern books and magazines, such as "The Ultimate Applique Guidebook" and "A Baltimore Album: 25 Applique Patterns,"... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing
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A full-color Nativity scene often uses brown for the manger, white, off-white, or no clothing for the baby Jesus, usually a light blue robe for Mary, and brown or other dark-colored cloth for Joseph. This varies from cou... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

Creative ideas for a Christmas parade float include creating a snowy outdoor scene with snowmen, decorating a small group of Christmas trees, or inviting band members to play Christmas music from the float. For a very si... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

To set up a Christmas village, make a plan that incorporates the space available, construct the base for the village, set up the train tracks, place the buildings and other elements, and add "snow" to the scene. Christma... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

Bibles can be purchased from a wide variety of online outlets, including dedicated companies such as the American Bible Society and more general retailers, such as Amazon. A copy of the New Testament, translated from Gre... More » Art & Literature Literature