There are several free murder mystery scripts available on, which include a variety of quirky themes that target different age groups. Most of the links provide files that include invitations that the party'... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Free murder mystery downloads include invitations, games and party scripts. Download free murder mystery resources on and, as of 2015. Both websites also include ideas and recommen... More »

A good script for a murder mystery party is "Sour Grapes of Wrath," a mystery about the death of Robert Killingsworth. Prior to his death, Robert bought a farm and winery with his wife, Elizabeth, but, without him, his w... More »

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A mystery refers to any unexplained problem. Mysteries can be solved through critical thinking and analysis. Mystery novels focus around solving a specific case. More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Two of the best-known writers of mysteries were the American Edgar Allan Poe and Englishman Wilkie Collins. Poe made his name as a poet, but moved on to short stories that blended horror and mystery elements. Collins' wo... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Famed author of the traditional detective story, Agatha Christie penned classics such as "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd," which entails a seemingly traditional village murder mystery, and "Peril at End House," a story of m... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The book that made Dan Brown famous is the 2009 bestselling murder mystery, "The Da Vinci Code," his sequel to his 2006 novel, "Angels and Demons." As of June 2015, Brown's most recent popular bestseller is "Inferno," re... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction