To download free music, such as MP3s you’ve ripped from your CDs, to an MP3 player, plug the player into a computer and copy the songs to the player. If you're transferring MP3s to an iPod, drag each file into an iTunes ... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Download legal MP3 files by visiting a verified legal website that offers free music or by purchasing songs from a paid legal mp3 source such as iTunes. Free, legally downloaded songs are likely to be older and less popu... More » Art & Literature

Find free and legal downloadable music for MP3 players through iTunes, Jamendo and Incompetech. Whereas Apple offers commercial music for free, Jamendo allows independent artists to share their music for free. Incompetec... More » Technology Audio Equipment
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An MP3 player is a digital audio player that plays music encoded in the MP3 file format. It's a type of portable music player that allows users to plug in a set of headphones or earphones to listen to the audio, for exam... More » Technology Audio Equipment

To transfer music from a CD to an MP3 player, upload the music from the CD to a computer in the MP3 format. Attach the MP3 player to the computer, and transfer the music files. More » Technology Audio Equipment

To purchase music online for the purpose of transferring to an MP3 player, use a digital music download service such as Amazon MP3, Rhapsody or 7digital. Digital music download services, also called a la carte services, ... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Obtain songs for an MP3 player by purchasing them through an online music store, such as Apple iTunes, Amazon Digital Music or Google Play Music, as of 2015. You can also download songs from online streaming sites such a... More » Technology Audio Equipment