MovieTube does offer users the option to watch free movies online by using the site's mobile or computer app. The official website for MovieTube specifically states that all movies and TV shows are free to watch and that... More » Art & Literature

On Android phones, the highest rated apps for watching free movies are Flipps HD, Viewster, Movie Tube, EX and Hubi. A few popular apps for watching free movies on iPhones are Crackle, Viewster, Yidio, and SnagFilms. More » Technology Mobile

Movie Tube 4.1 is free to download and use. It is a movie search engine that helps users find YouTube movies coming out of other countries, such as Russia, Italy and Korea. More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015 and allow users to legally watch free movies online. The content is provided for free by sponsors who advertise commercials during the films. Crackle provides its free films through a part... More » Art & Literature

MovieTube is not a recommended site for watching movies online, as it is an illegal streaming site. Watching any films on MovieTube is considered illegal and can lead to legal trouble for users of the site. More » Art & Literature

The free, browser-based Spotify web app allows users to listen to many movie soundtracks online. After navigating to, use the Search function in the top left corner of the app to find a specific original... More » Art & Literature

It is possible to watch free movies from 2014 on YouTube. Search for a particular movie to see if it is available on the website. One may also go to the "Movies" YouTube channel to browse a variety of recently released f... More » Art & Literature