A memo, according to Dr. Judith Newman, is a short piece of communication that conveys a person's thoughts, reactions or opinions on an issue. The key principle behind memos is that they must be short, because their main... More »

As of 2016, websites such as Template.net, Scribd.com and JDSupra.com offer examples of a legal memorandum, which are free for download. Each of these sites offer unique examples of a legal memorandum, and some may be mo... More »

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Transparent Glass Clock Widget for Android devices, Fidelity Market Monitor Widget for Mac OS X computers and Launcher for iOS devices are three examples of free widgets. A widget is an interface element that displays ce... More »

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A simplified memo format is used for writing a simple memo, which is a type of communication used in a business. According to Specimen Templates, a simple memo usually has one to four sentences only. Memos are typically ... More »

Some advantages of computer mediated communication include enhancing the flow of information, encouraging participants to express their thoughts freely and allowing people to share information regardless of geographic lo... More »

“To whom it may concern” is commonly used when providing employment reference letters, character reference letters and personal reference letters. A “to whom it may concern” letter is often written as a response to an in... More »

Communication strengths vary depending on the method of communication; spoken communication strengths include the ability to persuade and negotiate while written communication skills include the ability to write clearly ... More »