A free math problem solver is designed to answer mathematics questions. Oftentimes, a free math problem solver answers questions in the areas of geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus as well as statistics. More » Math Math Calculators

The Mathway math problem solver is an online algebra calculator developed by Mathway. A downloadable application is available for offline calculations. The calculator displays direct answers for free, while step-by-step ... More » Math Math Calculators suggests phone apps like Algebra Genie, Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant, Quadratic Master, and Algebra Boot Camp. Mathway and WebMath are online sites that offer free math answers. More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers
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In mathematics, area is defined as the amount of two-dimensional space occupied by a shape. It can be calculated by multiplying two lengths of the shape, such as the length and width of a rectangle. The units of area are... More » Math Math Calculators

On standard calculators, fractional problems can be solved by first converting the fractions into decimals, then converting the solution back into a fraction. Scientific calculators usually have the ability to enter frac... More » Math Math Calculators

Solving a math problem results in a numerical answer of equal value to the problem's equation. Most math problems require the solver to find the value of an unknown variable. In the algebraic math problem x - 4 = 10, the... More » Education Homework Help

Some examples of questions found on third grade math tests include number theory problems such as, "Which math problem means the same thing as (10 + 5) + 7?" and basic geometry, such as, "Which of the following shapes co... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum