Some technology websites offer free Microsoft Office skills tests, including, and These websites allow the user to pick the test, whether Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and the version of ... More » Technology Software

Some online resources for taking a free office skills assessment test include,,, and provides online demonstration tests, which are brie... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Numerous sites offer skills assessments quizzes to test clerical and office skills. In addition, various staffing agencies and companies test job candidates on their skill levels and can provide testing results upon comp... More » Business & Finance Careers
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Microsoft Office is a software suite composed of applications useful in the office, workplace or school. These applications include Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more. More » Technology Software

Sample test templates for Microsoft Office include multiple choice tests, surveys and true/false tests in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint formats, as of 2015. The templates are available on ProProfs a... More » Technology Software

Free online Microsoft Excel skill assessment tests are available on the TOSA and Wise Owl Business Solutions websites. The test on the TOSA website assesses a user's ability to perform functions, data management and form... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Office is not available for free for average consumers, but eligible students and educators may be able to obtain free copies of the suite at As of 2015, students attending eligible sch... More » Technology Software