articles and are websites that offer a free platform to create logo designs, as of 2015. Users create logos with templates that can be customized and edited. A fee is required for users who wis... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Design a free company logo by visiting for a variety of ideas designed around the name of your business. For additional options, visit a website that specializes in business marketing material, such as Vist... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

There are several free options for designing logos that go beyond simple paintbrush programs. The best option for the job depends on conditions such as how unique the logo needs to be and whether it will be used on a web... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design
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To design a quality logo, first brainstorm what the logo needs to communicate about the business to the public, and then create a list of symbols or words that may fit well in a logo. Finally put the pieces together in v... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

To design the ideal logo for your business, you should strive to be unique and simple, while displaying a strong understanding of your brand and what it has to offer. You should also use custom typography, according to 1... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Different ways to design a logo revolve around three basic logo types: font designs, literal illustrations and abstract graphic symbols, such as the Nike swoosh. Font designs, such as those used by Microsoft and Sony, fo... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

The blue bumper sticker with two yellow stripes is the logo of the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC. It stands for equality in the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community. Today, the logo is seen on bumper stickers... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design