License plate look-ups are done through the Department of Motor Vehicles, usually through one of their state websites or by asking at one of their office locations. Some states do not offer a free license plate search se... More »

To look up a license plate, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles website to see if driver information is considered public information. If not, get in touch with the local DMV and file a records request. Some states al... More »

You can't look up a license plate online for free, because the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is the government agency that issues license plates, is obligated by law to protect the privacy of every vehicle owner in... More »

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To check your driver's license, go to the official Department of Motor Vehicles website of your state to see if it offers online checking or if you have to contact the office directly. Avoid any unofficial websites that ... More »

Applicants for hardship licenses must be teenagers under the minimum age to apply for a regular driver's license and qualify for hardship status when applying at a state's Department of Motor Vehicles, Motor Vehicle Divi... More »

Free driver's license history checks can be performed through the official Department of Motor Vehicles website for the state the issued the license, as well as through some third party organizations. Most states let a d... More »

A person may find his driver’s license number from the local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Individuals are required to produce some documents as a proof of identity. When losing a driver’s license, or when ... More »