Using license key generators to activate software for free is a form of software piracy and is a punishable crime. Software piracy infringes the copyrights of the developer. More » Technology Internet & Networking

A license key for RegClean Pro is entered into the program to show that the user has paid for the full version. Many people who download this tool feel it is malware or a virus and seek help uninstalling it. More » Technology Software

To get a Reimage Plus License Key, go to and follow the prompt labeled Scan. The online system scans the PC and provides a detailed report of issues. Next, purchase a license key from the site, and start ... More » Technology Computer Programming
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Using free license codes to activate video games is a form of software piracy and is a punishable crime. Free license codes infringe the copyrights of game developers as they have the sole rights to their games. More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

A Google Earth Pro license key is a unique code that is required to begin using Google Earth Pro. A license key is issued to the purchaser at the time of payment. A license key is not required to use the free version of ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

F keys, or Function keys, have multiple default uses in Windows, including displaying the Help menu with the F1 key and activating the menu bar in the active software application with the F10 key. There are 12 F keys on ... More » Technology Software

Free ambigram generators are available at, and An ambigram is a design that looks the same when observed from two or more orientations. Many ambigrams are words or phrases ... More » Technology Internet & Networking