Several websites such as LegalDocs and Free Legal Forms Online offer free, downloadable lease agreement forms. The documents offered by these websites are customizable and can be printed directly from the website or down... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Free residential lease agreements can be found at This website offers a convenient way to create and print lease agreements. Individuals can input the type of rental unit they wish to lease, the location of... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Websites such as and allow users to download blank, state-specific leasing agreements for residential and commercial properties. Software programs such as Socrates Media also provide customi... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Some important issues to look for in a free printable simple lease agreement are occupancy limits, the term of the lease, security deposits and other fees, and the responsibilities of property maintenance, according to M... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Landlords may be in violation of a lease agreement or state regulations concerning rental units by refusing to make repairs or perform maintenance. Landlords are bound by both the conditions of a signed lease agreement a... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To be legally binding, leases made without an attorney should include a disclaimer that states any mistakes contained in the lease don't render the agreement void, according to SFGate. The agreement should also be signed... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

A blank lease agreement is a signed agreement reached between a lessor and a lessee in which the main terms of the lease are not filled in but left blank until an agreement is reached. A lease agreement is a legally bind... More » Business & Finance Real Estate