As of October 2015, organizations that distribute free large-print Bibles include Lutheran Braille Workers and Lutheran Braille Workers offers large-print Bibles and other related publications in a numb... More » Art & Literature Literature

Many online businesses sell large-print Bibles in the King James Version, including, and Customers can choose from a large selection of large-print Bibles, including paperbac... More » World View Religion The Bible

Zondervan is a publisher that publishes a variety of King James version Bibles in large print for both church and personal use. Zondervan also publishes King James study Bibles and reference Bibles in large print. More » Education Homework Help Reference Books, Bible Gateway and Talking Bibles International all offer a free audio Bible online. Bible Gateway also offers a large variety of devotional audio clips as a guide. More » Art & Literature Literature

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offers free King James Version Bibles to people who fill out an online request form. There is a limit of one Bible per household, and the church only delivers Bibles to peo... More » World View Religion The Bible

Free audio books are available from organizations such as LibriVox, Lit2Go and Internet Archive. Books at these organizations are in the public domain and narrated by volunteers. Audible, an Amazon company, provides a fr... More » Art & Literature Literature

Gideon Bibles can be found in hotel rooms around the United States. Additionally, the Gideons International distributes Bibles throughout the world in a variety of other venues. More » World View Religion The Bible