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The best free baby kittens are healthy, active and not lethargic. Signs of a healthy kitten are clear eyes, no nasal discharge and a shiny coat. Physically examine any kitten that you intend to bring into your family.


Many local animal shelters and humane society organizations offer free cats and kittens for adoption. The Wisconsin Humane Society, for example, conducts periodic fee-waived adoption events during select days or months in a year. Some private, nonprofit organizations al...


Local shelters and rescue groups offer free baby kittens to anyone who wants to adopt a pet. Some shelters publicize kittens for adoption on classified ads such as Adopt-A-Pet.com and Kittensforadoption.com. Rescue groups also post information about kittens that are rea...


It is common for people to give away kittens for free both in public spaces and on websites such as Craigslist.com. However, this is generally frowned upon due to multiple animal abusers who have been found to take advantage of these situations.


Local classified ads, either online or in a local newspaper, are often good places to look for free kittens. Websites that advertise kittens available for free adoption include KittensForAdoption.us.


The best way to find free cats and kittens locally is to visit your local animal shelter or contact cat rescue groups in your area. Many of these organizations offer fee-waived adoptions for adult cats or during certain times of the year when shelters get particularly c...


Though animal rescue shelters usually charge fees for kitten adoptions, they occasionally waive those fees for special events such as adoptathons. Some shelters may also waive the fee in exchange for volunteer hours.


Free vaccinations are not always available for kittens; however, national and state funds provide assistance to pet owners who require vaccinations for kittens, reports the Humane Society. Animal organizations offer free vaccinations during annual events. For instance, ...


Two websites that offer free kittens locally are Craigslist.org and KittensForAdoption.us. Many legitimate sellers add a small rehoming fee to ensure that the kitten goes to a loving home.


A person that wants to find Persian kittens for free should look at newspaper ads, the Internet and ask around their neighborhood to find out if anyone has kittens that they want to rehome for free. However, the Persian cat breed is an expensive breed and kittens are us...