Local shelters and rescue groups offer free baby kittens to anyone who wants to adopt a pet. Some shelters publicize kittens for adoption on classified ads such as and Rescue group... More »

To find a free Bengal kitten to adopt, there are several resources available, including local adoption agencies and adoption websites. Another option is to find a friend or acquaintance with a cat who has recently given ... More »

You can get Savannah kittens for free by visiting websites such as and Another way to get Savannah kittens for free is to speak with breeders and clinics and ask them about some of your ... More »

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Munchkin kittens can be found at shelters and cat rescue groups for a small adoption fee, and sometimes for free. A breed so specific is difficult to pinpoint at a certain shelter, so it may take some time and a watchful... More »

The best way to find kittens for sale depends on what kind of kitten the buyer wants, but the best resources are breeder listings for specific cat breeds on the Cat Fancier's website or photo listings of available cats f... More »

The best way to find free cats and kittens locally is to visit your local animal shelter or contact cat rescue groups in your area. Many of these organizations offer fee-waived adoptions for adult cats or during certain ... More »

Find free baby rabbits by visiting rabbit rescue groups classifieds through online websites or newspapers. Ads for free rabbits or discounted rabbits may also be visible in pet stores or veterinary offices. More »