Some free jailbreak downloads for the iPhone are the Evasi0n jailbreaking tool, PP Jailbreak, Pangu, and RedSn0w. Jailbreak tools are released free for download by their developers for anyone who owns an Apple device. More » Technology Mobile

Download free jailbreak firmwares for the iPhone 3G at iPhone Hacks and GuideMyJailbreak. Both websites also offer links to the Redsn0w application. Redsn0w is necessary to perform a jailbreak. More » Technology Mobile

PanGu is a free software tool that jailbreaks an Apple device and automatically install Cydia. Download PanGu onto your computer from, and then connect your device. Once the PanGu software recognizes your device... More » Technology Mobile
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Many of the most common jailbreak tools used to unlock an iPhone are free. These jailbreak programs, which include PwnageTool for Mac and SnOwBreeze for Windows, can be downloaded directly from their respective websites. More » Technology Mobile

An iPhone can be backed up to iCloud by turning on the iCloud Backup setting in the Settings menu of the device. Once the service is turned on, backups occur automatically whenever the device is plugged in, locked and co... More » Technology Mobile

iCloud can be removed from an iPhone with iOS 8 by going to Settings and selecting iCloud, then selecting Storage, tapping the Manage Storage option, and then tapping the name of the device you'd like to remove from iClo... More » Technology Mobile

Many iPhone problems can be effectively addressed by closing the application causing the issue or by restarting the iPhone itself. In some cases, it may be necessary to reset the iPhone or restore it from a backup in iTu... More » Technology Mobile