Famousgram is a free app designed to get hundreds of followers on Instagram very fast. It works by earning coins for following others on Instagram, using those coins to purchase followers, and then using the new follower... More » Technology Mobile

Instagram is a mobile application available for download on Android, iOS and Windows 8 and above mobile devices. After downloading the app, create an Instagram account to start sharing and viewing pictures and videos fro... More » Technology Social Media

There are many ways to get Instagram followers quickly, including actively promoting the page, aligning content with the latest trends, and improving the overall quality of its content. Creative use of hashtags is also a... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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Instagram users initially get followers by connecting with friends who are already members. Several other interactions on the photo-sharing platform may also garner followers, such as following someone first in the hope ... More » Technology Social Media

To get started on Instagram, all that is needed is an Internet connection, the ability to create a unique username and access to the Instagram app. Users can create Instagram accounts from their computers, smartphones or... More » Technology Mobile

As of April 2015, there is no official Instagram app for computers running Windows 8. However, users are able to install unofficial programs for interacting with the Instagram interface, such as Instagram HD, or use the ... More » Technology Mobile

Become famous on Instagram by communicating with followers and taking quality shots that get attention. Having a niche, such as pictures of animals, fashion or food, also helps develop followers who share the same intere... More » Technology Social Media