To download free icons for your computer, access a relevant website, and choose an appropriate icon from the several options given. Then, click on Download, and save the downloaded file in the computer to use the icon as... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Find free icons for a website on sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Many Web design blogs, such as, frequently publish articles that include links to d... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

To change the look of an icon, access the Change Icon dialog box via the Properties window of the file or folder you wish to modify, and select the desired image file in the ICO format. To change the icon size, open the ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help
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To add a new icon to the computer desktop in Windows 8, right-click on an empty space on the desktop, select New, and click Shortcut. Click Browse to locate the file or application in File Explorer, and click the item to... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To remove a virus from a PC, identify the problem, download antivirus software and run a full scan on the computer. Remove anything the software finds, restart the computer and scan the computer again. The difficulty and... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

User guides for the Acer Aspire and other Acer computer models are available for download at Access the user guide for a specific model by visiting the Support section of the website. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To save pictures from a computer to a CD, download and install a free CD burning application, such as CDBurnerXP, create a compilation containing the pictures, and burn the files to an empty CD. Once the burning process ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware