As of 2015, heating, ventilation and air conditioning training courses typically have a fee, and the availability of free courses is not known. Those interested in HVAC training courses can find some online through Penn ... More »

Visit the HVAC Learning and HVAC Training Solutions websites, select a course and begin following the course material to obtain free HVAC training. Courses are available for multiple specializations and offer quizzes and... More »

Some HVAC training classes include Introduction to HVAC and Refrigeration at Remington College, Gas and Electric Heat Service and Installation at Midwest Technical Institute, System Electrical Troubleshooting Basics at E... More »

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HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The acronym refers to a system that provides a building with heating and cooling services. As of 2014, new buildings are required by industry standards to use ... More »

The parts that make up an HVAC, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning, unit are a compressor and condenser coil, a fan, and refrigerant lines. The system also includes a plenum, an evaporator coil, a condensate dr... More »

To compare the cost of a replacement heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, it is important to consider factors, such as price ranges for different brands of systems, contractor and labor costs, and energy effic... More »

The Pittsburgh Technical Institute offers a heating, ventilation and air conditioning certification. Rosedale Technical College has an associate degree program in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. More »