To find information about high school class reunions, visit sites such as or These sites allow users to post and search for information about past and upcoming reunions. More »

Some good class reunion activities include hosting a cocktail hour, having a DJ-led dance party with songs from the graduation year, bowling and taking group photos. Reunion activities can take place during the evening o... More »

To find reunion information for someone's high school class of 1982, search a general reunion website or contact the specific high school of interest. The high school may have a staff member in charge of reunions or who ... More »

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Information on the class of 1977 reunions is available online at and provides a searchable database of class reunions for each state. Site visitors click on a state that lin... More »

Some creative ideas for class reunions include decade-related themes or nostalgia-related decor from that class' senior year. Another idea includes setting up a weekend retreat full of fun events, meals and school-relate... More »

Some classes of 1972 have regular annual reunions, including those of the Abington School District, McKinley High School and the North Quincy Public School. The class president or the reunion organizer posts information ... More »

Planning a class reunion can be accomplished through a variety of websites, including Class Creator,, ClassQUEST and more. Certain class reunion website builders are free, while others require a monthly fee. More »