To find reunion information for someone's high school class of 1982, search a general reunion website or contact the specific high school of interest. The high school may have a staff member in charge of reunions or who ... More » Education

To find information about high school class reunions, visit sites such as or These sites allow users to post and search for information about past and upcoming reunions. More » Holidays & Celebrations is the most comprehensive high school reunion website. Its directory covers 57 million people, including maiden names, and has more than 250,000 digitized high school yearbooks available for viewing. More » Holidays & Celebrations
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The most common nicknames for high school students depend on the high school's sports team and mascot. Most high school sports teams are named after animals or historic warriors. More » Education

Lists of high school alumni are available at or by searching for a high school and registering for free. Many high schools also have individual alumni websites. More » Education

The best way to find your high school diploma for free is to contact the high school from which you graduated. It is a good idea to call the high school and talk to someone in the administrative office. More » Education

Individuals can buy high school geometry textbooks either through the publishers themselves, as in the case of McGraw-Hill's "Glencoe Geometry," or through retail educational websites such as Seton Educational Media. Lar... More » Education