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Free chemo hats, scarves, beanies and hats is the goal for all cancer patients. Cancer Horizons is creating one of the largest directories of FREE hats, scarves and caps exclusively for cancer patients.


Many chemotherapy clinics, hospitals, and cancer support centers keep donated hats, caps, and scarves on hand that are free for patients to take. If you don't see a collection of donated headwear at the clinic where you receive treatment, ask one of the infusion nurses .


Hats: Heavenly Hats was started by 10-year-old Anthony D. Leanna to provide FREE brand-new hats for cancer patients who lose their hair “to help the patients feel better about themselves and to give them the extra courage and hope to win their fight.” The hats are just a small symbol of hope and love, but, he says, “my wish is that it ...


Get Free Hats for Cancer Patients Being diagnosed with cancer is often one's own worst nightmare. Beyond the diagnosis is usually intense treatment where chemicals are injected into the body to kill the cancer cells.


Our collection of hats provides endless options for cancer patients and women with hair loss. All of our hats for cancer patients are designed to provide full head coverage, eliminating the need for additional liners or headbands to conceal the hair line.


Free Crochet Hat Patterns for Cancer Patients – Crochet to Obtain an impact with crochet chemo cap. It is bright, cute it teaches that you care! Even a chemo cap is genuinely a hat intended their own hair as a consequence of radiation or chemotherapy treatment, having a cancer person who’s shedding or gets lost.


Free Crochet Hat Patterns for Cancer Patients – Crochet to get an effect with crochet chemo cap. It’s bright, adorable, plus it teaches that you care! A chemo cap is really a hat meant for wear with a cancer individual who’s losing or gets lost, their own hair as a result of chemotherapy or radiation treatment.


Hand Knits for Hope: Free Hats for Cancer Patients If you or a loved one is experiencing hair loss or thinning due to cancer treatments Bo Peep’s Bonnets will send you one free Hand Knits for Hope© bonnet in the style of your choosing!


Hats For Cancer Patients A number of stores, catalogs and web sites specialize in hats, caps and turbans for people experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment. But don't limit yourself to these suppliers.


Feel free to use these patterns for charity. If you are using these, or any Knots of Love patterns for any other purpose, a donation to Knots of Love would be greatly appreciated! ... If you would like to use our patterns for any other purpose other than making caps and donating them to Knots of Love, please kindly make a donation by sending it ...