E-Z-Go does not list golf cart prices directly on the American website as of 2015, but provides a search engine for potential buyers to contact dealers for pricing information. Some websites, such as Saddleback Golf Cars... More » Vehicles

As of 2016,,, and all sell decals and stickers to put on a golf cart. Some of the stickers are small and add personalization to a cart, and some of them are full... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Golf

As of 2014, and Oodle Marketplace are two websites where visitors can purchase used golf carts at prices that are much lower than retail values. Both sites have hundreds of listings available and a vari... More » Vehicles
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The E-Z-Go golf cart has two-person seating, an 800-pound capacity, double-ended rack and pinion steering, and the power to tow three additional golf carts. These specifications apply to both the gas and electric version... More » Vehicles

The 603717 5-Panel wink mirror, black front seat cover package and the adjustable golf cart halogen light kit are highly rated E-Z-Go golf cart accessories as of 2016. Each of these accessories has more than a four-star ... More » Vehicles

The minimum price for a used golf cart is approximately $1,000 to $1,600 based on golf cart listings at and features multiple E-Z-GO used golf carts for $1,000, as of June 2015. More » Vehicles

Wire a 36-volt golf cart by connecting six 6-volt batteries in series. In a series circuit, the total voltage is equal to the sum of the individual voltages, and all six batteries act as a single 36-volt battery. More » Vehicles