Images that are provided for free online may only be used for the purposes that are expressly permitted in their license agreement or in ways that pass the fair use test. Images released under a Creative Commons license ... More »

Free clipart images are available from VectorStock, Classroom Clipart, Openclipart and Dreamstime. Categories range from abstract to business, and types include illustrations and vectors. Some clipart requires users to c... More »

Animated GIFs can be found on many websites including Photobucket, Picgifs, QuickLOL, and GIPHY. All of these sites have GIFs that are available to download for free. More »

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It is free to use royalty-free stock photographs of stadiums as long as the intended use is allowed by the image's license agreement. Some royalty-free stock images are only allowed for personal use, while others may be ... More »

Free buy-and-sell agreement forms are available online from and, as of 2015. Additional sources for buying and selling forms include, and More »

Find a variety of free owner's, operation and service manuals for numerous types of products online at sites such as, and, as of 2015. Additionally, offers manua... More »

You can use free basketball images you find online only if the images are part of the Creative Commons Public Domain. This means the owner of the image has waived his or her rights to the image under worldwide copyright ... More »