You can create a formula in Microsoft Excel by using constants and calculation operators, cell references and names, or functions. Simple formulas to add, subtract, multiply or divide cell values are entered directly in ... More » Technology Software

The formula bar is a feature in Microsoft Excel that enables users to create and view formulas. It is typically labeled with a function symbol (fx), and it is sometimes referred to as the formula box. More » Technology Software

Microsoft's support page for its Excel spreadsheet application offers free training courses, videos and tutorials for beginners. As of 2015, tutorials for the 2013, 2010 and mobile versions of Excel are available. More » Technology Software
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Find a list of all the formulas and functions for the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel on sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site includes the exact command to ex... More » Technology Software

The predefined formulas in Microsoft Excel are referred to as functions, and the types include string functions, numeric or mathematical functions, statistical functions, logical functions and information functions. In a... More » Technology Software

The valid arithmetic operators in the program Microsoft Excel are the plus sign, minus sign, asterisk, forward slash, percent sign and caret. The plus sign is used to perform addition, while the minus sign is used for su... More » Technology Software

The basics of using Microsoft Excel 2013 include knowing how to create a new workbook, how to enter data in worksheet cells, how to create simple formulas and how to use the AutoSum function. Additionally, the basics inc... More » Technology Software