Questions on real estate exams do not center on a specific issue. However, some of the more common questions include issues related to the Real Estate Settlement Protection Act, the Truth in Lending Act and fair broker p... More »

Study for real estate license tests using study websites such as Real Estate Study Aids, Peterson’s and Real Estate Prep Guide. These sites feature substantial test preparation materials, and all three offer money back g... More »

Professional Service Industries exams are administered through state agencies, licensed PSI exam companies or online with associated fees of $100 or more per exam and exam retake. Free practice tests and study material a... More »

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Commercial real estate is any real estate property owned for business or income-generating purposes as opposed to personal living, according to Retail shops, hotels, business offices and apartment complexes ar... More »

To sell real estate, hire a building inspector, advertise the property, and schedule walkthroughs. Once a buyer has agreed to a price, hire a lawyer to draw up a contract of sale and to work out closing details. More »

A real estate listing is used to find properties for sale, to list properties for sale, to find properties with particular features, location or price range and as a tool for real estate professionals to help others to b... More »

Havana Houses and Cuba Homes Direct are examples of good real estate companies in Cuba. These real estate companies have properties for rent and for sale, as well as vacation rentals for tourists. Both of them have offic... More »