DVD region codes are management codes film distributors encode onto DVDs limiting the playback of DVDs to certain regions. Encoded DVDs must be played on DVD players that are region locked to the same area, allowing dist... More » Art & Literature

The different DVD regions are geographical areas which have been assigned to one of six regions worldwide. There are two regions reserved for special use and one universal, or uncoded, region. More » Technology Television & Video

Tips for finding region-free DVD players include purchasing from trusted sources and learning of new industry protections. The DVD industry has been inconsistent in enforcing its rights under digital copyright laws and a... More » Technology Television & Video
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To copy a DVD to another DVD, find and run software that backs up a high-quality version of the information on DVDs. Insert the DVD into the DVD-ROM on a computer, select the DVD Disc source option to store the informati... More » Art & Literature

Tae Bo Basic and beginner DVDs are available on the website. Other online retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and eBay carry new and used copies. Also, local thrift stores and outlets sometimes carry old... More » Art & Literature

Those looking for release dates of upcoming DVDs and Blu-rays can find them on several websites such as, Movie Insider and VideoETA. Release dates, information on the films themselves, and trailers a... More » Art & Literature

The official Andr� Rieu website sells DVDs of Andr� Rieu playing live in Vienna. Retail outlets such as Amazon also have the DVDs for sale. More » Art & Literature