To get digital TV for free, plug the TV set into a set top box and antenna. This allows the TV to pick up signals from digital transmissions. More » Technology Television & Video

Receiving digital TV requires no sign up. All full-power TV stations in the United States broadcast digital signals, and low-power TV stations must switch to digital by September 1, 2015. Receipt of these signals require... More » Technology Television & Video

There is no place to order a free digital-to-analog television converter box, as of 2015. The Federal Communications Commission's coupon program allowing individuals to receive free digital converter boxes ended on July ... More »

As of 2015, access free high-definition over-the-air television channels by attaching a digital broadcast antenna to a television capable of receiving high-definition channels. Some antennas function within the home with... More »

The best digital TV service in New York City according to online reviews is Time Warner Cable New York. Each customer's experiences and reviews vary depending on the user's expectation, service and location used. More » Technology Television & Video

To connect a digital antenna to a television, locate the antenna input port on the back of the television; all television models made after March 2007 include this port in accordance with U.S. law. Plug in the antenna, a... More » Technology Television & Video

To set up a TV box, first connect an antenna to the box, connect the box to the TV, and turn on both devices. Next, turn on the TV, switch to the correct input mode or channel, open the menu, and then perform a channel s... More » Technology Television & Video