The Department of Veterans Affairs only provides free dental care to a small group of veterans. Veterans who are not eligible for free dentistry can purchase reduced cost dental insurance through the VA Dental Insurance ... More »

To receive free or low cost dental work, visit a local United Way and/or health department, try applying for Medicaid or CHIP benefits (for children 19 and under), or participate in clinical trials for dental schools or ... More » Health Dental

Get free dental work through dental schools, government-sponsored programs, free clinics and local dentist associations. Dental care becomes even more important as individuals advance in age. This is because the teeth be... More » Health Dental

The Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club is a group that consists of Vietnam War veterans. The organization gives members social outlets to help them during the long-term recovery from service. More » Government & Politics Military

In addition to rights outlined by the U.S. Constitution to every citizen, veterans of the United States have rights to health care, disability compensation, pensions, education and vocational training, and home loan guar... More » Government & Politics Military

Benefits available to veterans include health care, disability compensation, pensions, life insurance and memorial benefits, reports the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans can also receive help with home loans... More » Government & Politics Military

Health care, vocational training and pensions are among the benefits offered to veterans through the Veterans Administration. The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs provides additional benefits. More » Government & Politics Military