Free dental implants may be available through college and university programs, local dentists offering low-income programs, and state or county programs offering free dental services, according to Dental Implant Cost Gui... More » Health Dental

The cost for ClearChoice dental implants varies, as treatment for one patient may not be applicable to another patient, according to ClearChoice. Scheduling a free consultation at any of the ClearChoice dental implant fa... More » Health

To afford dental implants, comparison shop, check for insurance coverage, and look into dental schools and charities, suggests Dental Implant Cost Guide. Also research financing options. More » Health Dental
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Implanted dentures cost between $1,500 and $6,000 per tooth as of 2015, according to the Dental Implant Cost Guide. The number of implants needed, the number of teeth being replaced and the geographical location are some... More » Health Dental

The average cost of dental implants in the United States is about $4000 as of March 2015, claims the Dental Implant Cost Guide. The calculated value includes the cost of the implant, abutment and crown for a single tooth... More » Health Dental

Get free dental work through dental schools, government-sponsored programs, free clinics and local dentist associations. Dental care becomes even more important as individuals advance in age. This is because the teeth be... More » Health Dental

To receive free or low cost dental work, visit a local United Way and/or health department, try applying for Medicaid or CHIP benefits (for children 19 and under), or participate in clinical trials for dental schools or ... More » Health Dental