A search by Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures number allows an investor to find a particular stock or bond, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. All publicly traded U.S. and Canadi... More » Business & Finance Investing

Although the Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) numbers for financial securities can be looked up through subscription services, a free, non-membership online source for finding the CUSIP num... More » Business & Finance Investing

Establishing ownership of stock depends on how the stock was purchased, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. A brokerage firm may have purchased the stock or it may have been bought directly from the comp... More » Business & Finance Investing
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A four-for-one stock split is when one share of stock is divided into four equal shares while keeping the market value the same price, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. A stock split reduces th... More » Business & Finance Investing

A call option provides an investor with the right to purchase an asset such as a stock, commodity or bond at a specified time during a specified time period, explains Investopedia, whereas a put option provides an invest... More » Business & Finance Investing

Investors can find out historical bond prices with a CUSIP number on, notes the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. On the website, select the Tools and Calculators option, and then select FINRA Market Dat... More » Business & Finance Investing

To buy Phillip Morris stock, an investor must open a brokerage account and search for the Phillip Morris ticker symbol, which is PM, notes both the Houston Chronicle and Daily Finance. Investors can choose to trade on th... More » Business & Finance Investing